Practice Info

Practice Schedule

Fencing Salle, Athletic Centre
55 Harbord St. (Spadina Ave. & Harbord St.)
Toronto, ON

8:00PM to 11:00PM
10:00AM to 1:00PM
Sunday (advanced practice)
3:00PM to 5:00PM

May-August Schedule:
Please note that from May to August, Thursday practices are both held from 7:00PM to 9:00PM. and summer practices are usually held in the Dance Studio (one floor above the Fencing Salle).

*Each month one Saturday will be devoted to kata practice (specific dates and further details to be announced via email).


We welcome and appreciate visitors from other dojos, but please make sure you email us in advance to let us know or we will not be able to put you on the Approved Guests list and you may not be able to enter the facilities! The price of entry is $15 (subsidized) if you purchase the pass from us (free for guests who have 5th dan or higher).

Practice Information


Club practice is divided into two parts – beginner and advanced. Depending on time and space, we may divide time equally between beginner group and advanced group, or carry on both practices at the same time. When the practice is divided into two groups, the beginners always start first, followed by the advanced members.

Beginners will focus on learning the basic footwork and swing/cut motion required to practice sparring. Upon successful completion of the beginner stage (usually one semester) and grading, beginners will don bogu (sparring armor) to practice with the advanced members of the club.

We practice four times a week, Monday (for advanced members only), Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (for advanced members only). Beginners can join us at the beginning of each semester, September, January, and May respectively. September generally has the largest turnout, followed by January and then May. If you are interested, beginners can drop by our practice any time and try it out before deciding to join us.

We practice at the Fencing Salle within the Athletic Centre. You must be a member of the Athletic Centre to enter the facility and join our club. If you are a U of T student, AC membership is part of your incidental fee.

You must register in order to join the club. The registration fee is $60 per session. You can sign up online on the University of Toronto Athletics website or you can register in person at the Athletic Centre office during business hours.