2019 University of Toronto Invitational Kendo Tournament Results

Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated on this past Saturday’s 2019 University of Toronto Invitational Kendo Tournament!

We want to thank all the judges and volunteers that helped make it another successful tournament, as well as the spectators who came to watch. Thank you all!

We hope to see you everyone again next year!

The results are as follows:

Division A: Mudansha & Shodan
1st Place: Raymond Kim (University of Waterloo Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Julien Couturier (JCCC Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Jasper Chen (University of Waterloo Kendo Club)
3rd Place:  Étienne Mathieu (McGill University Kendo Club)
Division B: Nidan & Sandan
1st Place: Sean Zapanta (University of Toronto Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Takehiro Saito (Ryerson University Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Jimi Lin (JCCC Kendo Club)
3rd Place:  Micheal Schoenhofer (Carleton University Kendo Club)
Division W: Women's
1st Place: Francesca Ho (University of Toronto Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Joanna Asare (JCCC Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Man-San Ma (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
3rd Place: Veronique Marchande (McGill University Kendo Club)
Division C: Yondan & Above
1st Place: Shawn Kim (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Elliott Altilia (JCCC Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Harry Kim (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Eric Jung (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
Division T: Teams
1st Place: JCC A (JCCC Kendo Club)
2nd Place: JKO A (Jung Ko Kendo Club Team A)
3rd Place: UOT B (University of Toronto Kendo Club Team B)
3rd Place: ETO (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
University of Toronto Fighting Spirit Award
Priscillia Momo (McGill University Kendo Club)
Daniel Saruyama Fighting Spirit Award
Étienne Mathieu (McGill University Kendo Club)


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