2018 University of Toronto Invitational Kendo Tournament Results

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to all who attended this past Saturday's 2018 University of Toronto Invitational Kendo Tournament!

We want to thank all the judges and volunteers that helped make it another successful tournament, as well as the spectators who came to watch. Thank you all!

We hope to see everyone again next year!

The results are as follows:


Division A: Mudansha & Shodan
1st Place: Aaron Wilson (JCCC Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Ryan Evans (York University Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Zexi Wu (University of Western Ontario Kendo Club)
3rd Place:  Inho Cha (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)
Division B: Nidan & Sandan
1st Place: Jun Choi (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Yukitaka Kazanawa (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Xiaohe Chen (University of Toronto Kendo Club)
3rd Place:  Eli Oda (McGill University Kendo Club)
Division W: Women's
1st Place: Akiko Fukushima (Vancouver Kendo Club)
2nd Place: Bree Yang (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Hanaca Yamada (Vancouver Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Veronique Marchande (Université de Montreal Kendo Club)
Division C: Yondan & Above
1st Place: Ryo Yasumura (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
2nd Place: Shigemitsu Kamata (Etobicoke Kendo & Iaido Club)
3rd Place: Inseo Park (Jung Ko Kendo Club)
3rd Place: Kyle Eunseob Lee (Chinook Kendo Club)
Division T: Teams
1st Place: Team Canada Men
2nd Place: JKO 1 (Jung Ko Kendo Club Team 1)
3rd Place: Team Canada Women
3rd Place: TKC 1 (Toronto Kendo Club Team 1)
University of Toronto Fighting Spirit Award
Meghan Demirer (University at Buffalo Kendo Club)
Daniel Saruyama Fighting Spirit Award
Joana Asare (JCCC Kendo Club)


Dean Ara Sensei visit - Sunday June 17th, 2018


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